What Is a Link Exchange and How Do I Develop One?

What Is a Link Exchange and How Do I Develop OneLink exchange is always considered as confusing term in terms of white hat SEO (Legitimate Search Engine Optimization Strategies) amongst the webmasters because of Google’s policy. It is not actually a bad thing for SEO if done in right way and right manner.

What is Link Exchange?
It is the relation between two website where they both links to each other. Link may be dofollow or nofollow and the website may be in similar niche or not. Webmaster can either link their websites to each other or ask other webmaster to join with in link exchange program. In short, you give a backlink to get the backlink. That’s it.

4 Strategies for Successful Link Building Campaign.
Participate in online community and discussion forums where webmasters gets together to help each other and share about their online activities. You can find top webmasters who are managing website in similar niche to your website and friendly ask them about participating in link exchange program with you. It is always recommend linking the target website first before posting link back request.

Find blogs and websites in similar niche to your website with the help of Google. You can then find the contact email address of webmaster from “Contact us” page if given on site or from domain registration information. Create nice and professional email to invite the webmaster to back linking with your sites. If you are not able find the contact email, you can also try sending the email to stand email addresses like “admin@website” and “webmaster@website”.
You can also ask your friends, relatives and the known person who are having their own blog or website to participate in link building with you.

You can place Link building request on your website also, so that any webmaster that reach to your site finding for the same and easily reach you.

How Link Exchange can benefit my online business?
According to me, doing too much link exchange for improving Google page rank might put your site SEO on risk. Link exchange can only help you get live and referral traffic from the linking website and hence the linking website must be in the similar niche. For example, if your site is about life insurance, the visitor reading information on some other insurance or investment related site might also get interested in visiting your link if you are linked there.
As a webmaster I will only recommend free link building with similar sites only, investment behind the link building campaign is not recommended for small business and individual bloggers.