Understanding Golf Course Management

Golf Course management and finding a way to manage your own game will lead you on a path toward success. To be in control of your game, you need to have a pre-shot routine or system. This will keep you physically and emotionally balanced as you navigate the course.

Your pre-shot routine can be anything you want, just as long as it is the same every time. Stay in the moment with each golf shot and focus on the task at hand.

Prepare for a golf round like anything else thats extremely important. Preparation leads to calm nerves and a feeling of self-confidence. Before you start a round, the first thing you should always do is clear your mind. Block everything else out that is going on around you, and focus solely on the course.

Part of preparing is planning and putting a game plan together. Think of certain situations that might arise and what you would do in those situations. A major part of golf course management is having a game plan and being flexible to situations as they arise.
When practicing before a round, hit shots that you know you might face on the course. This will lead to a sense of confidence when facing those shots on the course.

Remember, if youre going to have success with golf course management you need to know what you are capable of doing, and what you are not capable of doing. Exhibiting good golf course management allows you to manage the course, while never letting the course manage you.

Here’s a recap and some new ideas to ponder the next time youre on the golf course. Always establish a game plan before starting a round. If you try and game plan while on the course, it can lead to disaster.

Before committing to a golf shot, know the correct yardage. Understand the difference between when to go for a green or flagstick, and when to play it safe and lay back.

Work on your ability to shape the ball so you have more opportunities to go at the green. Only focus on your own game, while keeping all negative distractions out of your mind. Take your time in between shots and think about the best possible play for the situation.

Never give up, keep fighting because your luck will always change. Know your ability and what shots you are able to hit. This will keep you from making a foolish mistake.
Dont ever play your shot to hook or slice. If youre aimed at trouble and your shot goes straight, you then have a whole new set of problems. And finally, always have fun and enjoy the game.