Setting Up a Backlink Campaign

When you’re setting about a backlink campaign, you have to make sure that you have some sort of plan implemented. Some types of backlinks have a lot more power than normal backlinks. I will explain some techniques that you should implement in order to have a very strong set up for obtaining your backlinks to your websites.

1) Anchor text: Make sure that you use anchor text that is related to your main keywords that links to your webpage from other websites. For instance, if you are trying to target the keyword phrase “weight loss tricks”, make sure that you using that keyword phrase or at least a variation of it in your anchor text. Some people just seem to put the word “click” as their anchor text without realizing that the search engines believe that they are trying to target the word “click”.

2) Forum Profiles: Another great way of obtaining backlinks is by setting up profiles in different forums. Even though you might not have a lot of posts in the forums, some of the link juice from the main page of the forum will be transferred to your profile page.

3) Natural Backlinking: Making your links as natural as possible is something that is great for placing high in search engines. If your backlinks are all of one type, it is possible that the search engines will assume that something automatic is happening and your rankings in the searches will be much lower than you would like them to be.

4) Making Posts: If you have a chance to post articles or longer posts into other blogs, I encourage you to do so because you will be able to put a lot of words that are similar to your main keyword phrase around your anchor text. Many people believe that this increases your rankings in search engines.