How to Improve Your Website Ranking Using Quality Backlinks

How to Improve Your Website Ranking Using Quality BacklinksUsing backlinks in one way can grow your website ranking at the rocket speed, while using backlinks another way might harm your over all SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and lower your seo ranking too. It depends on how you work on your link building seo campaign and what strategies are used for improving traffic to your site, for higher SERP ranking and higher Google Page Rank also. Here are most powerful and guaranteed jasa backlink which can help you improve your website’s page rank, SERP rank and Organic traffic.

One Way Do-follow anchor text link within content from relative content page.
This is similar to article marketing, where you get free one way do-follow backlink within the content of article and hence highly relevant to your website niche. You can achieve such powerful and valuable backlink from other hither PR blogs, article sites and blogs of your friends and family or from comments on blog in similar niche.
Such backlinks also comes from forum discussions and forum signature. What you need to keep in mind is that
The linking site or page must be genuinely valuable and ranking higher than yours so that it can deliver quality to yours.

Link must be anchor text link on main keyword for which you want to improve your SERP ranking.
Link must be within content, like in forum post or article or comment content. So that Google can easily identify the value and type of niche of your link.
Link must not be from blogroll, sponsored links or footer link.
Link must be from relevant website or blog. Do not try to spam your link with anchor text on irrelevant blogs or forum discussion. Those links will be of no importance for both visitors and Google.

Another thing I would like to tell you is “Do not link your site for Google, but link for visitor first and then for Google”, If you follow this rule strictly, I am sure you want get any wrong or harmful backlink even by mistake.
To make it simple, let me show you an example of this article. We are talking about seo and link building here, so if I link some page here with anchor text “Top 5 Strategies to Improve Ranking of Blog” or “Hidden Secrets to Google SEO”, you will surely like to visit that link as that will be relevant and natural, that will be to offer some information and not just to get backlink, that will be for visitors first and then for search engines. And suppose, if I link some page in my footer or sidebar like “Free Weight Loss Guide”, probably you will never like to visit that page and similar happens with Google algorithms.