To be successful in any sport, and especially golf, you have to be mentally tough.  That means using positive golf mental psychology and garnering self-confidence, so when the situation turns bad you can right the ship because of the confidence you possess.It also involves recalling past and recent successes, which will help build the self-confidence you desperately need to have on the golf course.  Your ability to make it through tough situations will also be dictated by your ability to quickly forget failures and move on.  You can only control whats happening in the present, so why dwell on the past.

Focus on each individual shot and execute your game plan.Gaining confidence is accumulated through experience and success.  The more you play the game of golf and put yourself in tough situations the easier it will be for you to gain self-confidence.  Never let yourself be easily intimidated. Remember, intimidation is just a state of mind; you are always in control of your own destiny.

Golf is not predicated on size, but rather on skill and intelligence.  You cant let yourself give in to fear, whether youre scared or not.  You need to remain mentally strong and use positive golf mental psychology and focus on the task at hand, which is playing the game of golf.  When you step on the golf course, you need to have a no-fear attitude and carry that with you through the entire round.  You can never give into pressure.  If youre in a pressure-packed situation try staying in your natural rhythm and routine.  Try to focus on what needs to be accomplished and block everything else out of your head, especially negative thoughts.  The only way to ever reach your full potential is to block out fear and be oblivious to pressure.

When youre on the golf course, try to use positive golf mental psychology and always think positive.  Positive thinking can lead to success, just as easily as negative thinking can lead to failure.  For you to become mentally tough you need to learn from your successes, as well as your failures.  Reflect on experiences and situations, and more specifically, what went right and what went wrong.  Often the situations you encountered in the past will be the same you encounter in the future.  If you make a mistake, take ownership.  You control your own destiny, and you control each shot, so take responsibility.  Learn from your mistakes, and never make the same mistake twice.  Finally, dont beat yourself up if something goes wrong or you make a mistake.  Never do anything that will destroy your self-confidence, because in the game of golf, the only person you can rely on is yourself.