4 Natural Link Building Strategies

4 Natural Link Building Strategies“Content is king” and “Back link is queen” are most known and basic need of any SEO technique. If you are not able to fulfill one of these SEO strategies, it’s hard to get enough traffic from search engines to your blog and remain at higher position for longer time in search engines. If Google Page Rank (PR) depends on number of back links and quality of back links, then SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) Ranking directly depends on relativity of content with search phrase or keywords, means the Content.

Hence in this article, I would like to spare some time to explain the exact strategies of link building and the factors, which should be considered before going through your link building campaign for your online business blog or website. So, here are four strategies, should follow for better, infect the best link building campaign.
Who Links to your website or blog: Yes, it’s quite a good question in terms of SEO and search engines. Back link is like giving a vote, so it’s always important that who votes for you. The value of vote will always very from voter to voter, so only back link form relevant site to your site will have more value in Google bot’s eyes than link from the totally opposite niche website.

Value of the Linking page: If the linking page, from where you are getting back link to your page should be valuable than yours to get benefit from there. It means if your page have Google page rank 2, than you should consider building back links from pages, having Google page rank 2 or above. More valuable page will deliver more value to your page.

Linking page must be original and unique: Means the linking page must follow the guidelines of “Content is King”. It must be not duplicated, originally written and really very informative to the visitor. We are actually hiring or buying credibility in Internet Market doing back link building. So, it is easy to understand that if linking page would not be enough valuable in internet market, how it can deliver much value to you that you should really deserve?
Back Link must be an Anchor Link: Anchor link is another method of getting type of valuation from back link. Suppose any page links to your page with the keyword “Best car services”, there is no doubt, Google will know about your page before following the link and scrolling the whole page. Anchor link is the clickable link assigned to main keyword of your page. It helps a lot to build SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking of your page for that main keyword.

These 4 link building factors are not only which should be considered for link building comparing, there are many other factors, which I will explain in my next articles.